The CEO of the health technology company Hapella Oy changes – Tuomas Mattelmäki is a new CEO

The CEO of the health technology company Hapella Oy changes – Tuomas Mattelmäki is a new CEO


As of April 6th , 2020, Hapella Oy's Board of Directors has appointed Tuomas Mattelmäki, M.Sc.(Econ.) as a new CEO. Mattelmäki has previously served as Hapella Oy's business director, preparing for the company's internationalization. Hapella Oy's former CEO Arja Ahvenniemi, M.Sc. (Tech.) has been appointed as Partnership and Administrative Manager

During Ahvenniemi's time as a CEO, the company has achieved a good growth rate in Finland. Hapella Oy's net sales increased from EUR 0.64 million in the previous year to EUR 2.1 million in 2019. The company is now shifting strongly to internationalization phase. Launch in the Nordic countries has begun and there is strong demand for the WellO2 devices worldwide. The company will also continue to grow in Finland, at the same time taking forward the WellO2 device's clinical research program and product development projects.

Tuomas Mattelmäki has extensive experience in managing business and marketing in both international and domestic companies with health-related products and pharmaceuticals. “WellO2 is a unique Finnish innovation. Being part of WellO2’s internationalization is a particularly great task. Breathing problems affects hundreds of millions of people and WellO2 can significantly help people with those problems. According to the WHO, 90% of the world's population breathes polluted air, which exacerbates the situation. " Mattelmäki sums up.

Hapella Oy Board of Directors

More information:

Aulis kärkkänen

Chairman of the Board, Hapella Oy

+358 50 057 3105

Tuomas Mattelmäki

Managing Director, Hapella Oy

+ 358 400 640 403


Arja Ahvenniemi

Partnership and Administrative Manager

+ 358 50 599 7760

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