Are You Getting Sick? WellO2 Breathing Trainer Helps Prevent Cold Symptoms!

Are You Getting Sick? WellO2 Breathing Trainer Helps Prevent Cold Symptoms!

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When nasal congestion, mucus cough, sneezing, and hoarseness start to bother you, it's time to increase your WellO2 breathing training. The surest way to protect yourself from more severe symptoms is to use WellO2 as soon as you feel even the slightest signs of a cold.

The WellO2 breathing training device is a drug-free solution for alleviating flu symptoms for the whole family. Breathing exercises increase blood circulation in the nasal and throat areas, open the airways, and quickly ease breathing.

Inhaled warm steam from the WellO2 device reduces swelling in the respiratory tract and thus quickly alleviates cold symptoms. Heat and moisture also increase the moisture balance in the respiratory mucous membrane, supporting its normal function, which in turn improves resistance. The respiratory mucous membrane acts as the body's first line of defense against pathogens.

Warm steam initiates a hyperthermic reaction in the respiratory mucous membrane. A hyperthermic reaction means that warm steam activates the body's defense reaction in the respiratory mucous membrane. Then, the respiratory mucous membrane begins to destroy inhaled pathogens more efficiently. Therefore, WellO2 breathing training encourages the body to activate its natural defense mechanism more effectively.

Warm steam destroys pathogens

Warm steam has been studied with heat-sensitive viruses such as rhinovirus, which is the most common cause of the common cold and short sick leaves. Studies have shown that rhinovirus is easily destroyed when the temperature rises. So, it's a good idea to start alleviating cold symptoms as soon as they appear, as the earlier you address the symptoms, the milder the illness often becomes.

Steam inhalation is a traditional remedy for cold symptoms. People are accustomed to inhaling warm steam over a pot of hot water. Unlike steam inhalation over a pot, WellO2 device delivers steam safely and with regulated temperature. Additionally, warm steam can be directed specifically to the nasal pharynx, where pathogens often first attack.

In the WellO2 device, steam inhalation is combined with resistance training in a unique way. With resistance training, warm steam can penetrate deeper into the airways because the resistance opens the airways and loosens mucus. Furthermore, breathing against resistance increases blood circulation, creating a feeling of openness in the airways. As a result, resistance training effectively supports the effects of steam inhalation.

WellO2 training helps with these symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Mucus cough
  • Sneezing
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hoarseness

We recommend trying WellO2 breathing training before the symptoms appear so that you are familiar with training when a respiratory infection is approaching. If you have a high fever, we do not recommend heavy training with the device.



Alleviate Cold Symptoms with WellO2 Breathing Training

Ease your cold symptoms with a low resistance setting as it is not recommended to exercise heavily when you are ill. To initiate a hyperthermic reaction, it is recommended to use a three-point temperature setting. To begin the exercise, it is a good idea to blow into the device a few times to ensure that there is as much steam as possible when starting the training.

Here's how to do the WellO2 exercise:

  • Select a two or three-point temperature setting.
  • Choose light resistance, which is 0 or 1.
  • If you have nasal congestion, use the WellO2 nasasl mask during the exercise.
  • Blow into the device a few times to ensure that there is plenty of steam.
  • Do a long exhale into the device so that the water in the device bubbles. Then, inhale slowly so that you feel the steam in your airways. Repeat this 3–10 times.
  • Do at least three sets.
  • There is no upper limit for WellO2 breathing training, so you can practice whenever it feels good to you!

With the nasal mask, you can direct the steam specifically to the nasal mucous membranes, where pathogens often first attack. If the high temperature of the steam feels too hot on the tip of your nose, you can apply a basic cream to your skin around the nose. The cream protects the skin, making the steam feel less hot, but you still get the benefits of the highest temperature. A three-point temperature is, after all, the best option for triggering the body's natural defense reaction against pathogens.



- Katri Lindberg

Respiratory Specialist, WellO2

Katri has extensive work experience in specialized healthcare. She has worked as a nurse and rehabilitation instructor with patients suffering from respiratory diseases. She has solid expertise in various respiratory diseases and their treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, Katri has specialized knowledge in devices used for treating respiratory diseases.

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