Customer Privacy Statement of WellO2 Oy

Privacy Statement for Personal Data Protection (personal data act 523/1999, 10 ja 24 §)
(updated 25.9.2023)

1. Registrar

WellO2 Oy
VAT: 1627355-6
Verstaankatu 5 A 3, 33100 Tampere, FINLAND
Tel: +358 10 5837 966 (price 8,4 cents/min + international call charges)

2. Contact person(s)

Arja Ahvenniemi / Petri Remes
Tel: +358 10 5837 966 (price 8,4 cents/min + international call charges)

3. Name of the register

Customer registry related to WellO2 Oy’s customer contacts

4. Indented use of the personal data

Targeted digital advertising, delivering products and services to customers, business development, implementation of studies and providing information in the form of newsletters.

5. Contents of the registry

Name, address, telephone number, email and IP-address

6. Regular sources of information

Personal information is collected mainly from the user himself at the time of subscription or registration, or later during the customer relationship. Roaming collected information includes IP-address.

User tracking

We use Leadoo’s tracking service to follow what users are doing on the site and combine this behavioral data with other data we can gather from e.g. chat interactions. Leadoo uses etag tracking in order to hook together the same users behavior over several sessions – in practice this works similarly to cookie based tracking. Please check out Leadoo Marketing Technologies Ltd’s Privacy Policy ( for more information on what is tracked and what your rights are. Leadoo works as the Processor and we work as the Controller for the data in terms of GDPR. You can stop the tracking by emptying your browser’s cache after the visit. For more on how Leadoo works as a GDPR compliant processor, see

7. Submission and transfer of information

We do not sell, rent or disclose the identity information to third parties. We may disclose your personal information in the manner required by the competent authorities or other entities, in accordance with current legislation. We may disclose information for scientific or historical research provided that the information has been changed to such a form that the subject of the item is no longer identifiable.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

We use Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The servers they use can be located outside the EU. The user can access the terms of each community service on their own website.

9. Principles of registry protection

Manually collected material
Manually collected data is kept in controlled and locked storage and access to them is limited.

Electronically collected material
We use the necessary technical and organizational information security tools to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, or other unlawful processing. Such tools include firewalls, cryptographic techniques, secure device facilities, proper access control, controlled access and control of usage, use of encryption techniques, guidance of personnel involved in processing personal data and careful selection of subcontractors.

10. Right of inspection

The customer has the right to check the information about himself.

11. Right to demand correction

You have the right to demand removal or correction of the non-statutory information about yourself.

12. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

You have the right to deny the disclosure and processing of your information for any marketing purposes. In this case take contact to our customer service.