WellO2 & West Ham United in Collaboration to Help People Breathe Better

WellO2 & West Ham United in Collaboration to Help People Breathe Better

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WellO2 is excited to announce a groundbreaking respiratory health partnership with West Ham United Football Club. The collaboration is the first of its kind in Premier League. As the club's first official and exclusive Respiratory Supplier, the common focus is on raising awareness and educating individuals about the importance of enhancing respiratory health.

Founded by Entrepreneur Aulis Kärkkäinen, WellO2 emerged from his personal journey of battling breathing problems. He devised an innovative solution in the form of the WellO2 breathing device, which combines steam breathing and resistance training of the respiratory muscles. The first WellO2 devices were introduced in 2016, and today, there are over 100,000 active WellO2 users worldwide. This product stands as one of the most technologically advanced and versatile drug-free tools for treating and maintaining respiratory health.


The highly popular WellO2 breathing exercise device, well-known in the Nordics, will now be accessible in the UK. WellO2 aims to leverage this collaboration to showcase the device's numerous capabilities in helping professional athletes enhance their performance as well as helping the wider public in addressing common respiratory issues.

Richard Collinge, Performance Director at West Ham United commented the partnership as follows:

"We look forward to working with the team at WellO2. The importance of effective breathing techniques and maximising lung capacity when playing football cannot be understated. In working with WellO2 we are excited to explore how to best implement the WellO2 devices into the strength and conditioning programme for our players.

We are always open to new and innovative ways to generate improvements in player performance, and we see the relationship with WellO2 as another valuable asset in supporting the team."

Tuomas Mattelmäki, CEO of WellO2, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

"The focus on respiratory health has gained considerable momentum in recent years. Starting as a respiratory supplier with West Ham United is a milestone achievement for WellO2 and we're excited about the potential this partnership holds for promoting respiratory well-being among athletes and the wider community. West Ham United's approach to health and performance aligns perfectly with our mission, and we're eager to see the positive impacts of our collaboration.

“According to a recently published study,[1] only 5–15 minutes of daily exercise with WellO2 can produce significant improvements in lung function and alleviate several breathing related symptoms like coughing, dyspnea, mucus accumulation and voice hoarseness. In as little time as one month at best, respiratory muscle strength can improve by +10–20% in different user groups, from asthmatics to top athletes.”,
 Mattelmäki adds.

WellO2 and West Ham United share a common goal of excellence, commitment, and prioritizing health and well-being. This partnership not only aims to elevate athletic performance but also to improve the respiratory health of the wider population, demonstrating WellO2's versatility and effectiveness in various scenarios.

Commenting on the partnership, Chief Commercial Officer at West Ham United, Nathan Thompson stated:

"We are delighted to be working with WellO2 to promote respiratory health among our loyal fan base. This partnership signifies our dedication to supporting our fans not only in their passion for football but also in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.”

As WellO2 embarks on this journey with West Ham United, we look forward to the opportunities this partnership brings for advancing respiratory health initiatives and fostering a healthier, more active community. Together, we are set to inspire and empower individuals to take charge of their respiratory health, achieving their fullest potential in all walks of life.



Tuomas Mattelmäki
CEO, WellO2
+358 40 064 0403

Simo Kekäläinen
Chief Marketing Officer, WellO2
+358 50 413 0925


WellO2 is a drug-free and clinically tested breathing exercise device from Finland that combines both the resistance training of the inspiratory and expiratory breathing muscles and warm steam inhalation. With WellO2 it's immediately easier to breathe – WellO2 breathing training comprehensively supports respiratory health and well-being by strengthening and opening lungs and airways with just five minutes of daily exercise. More than 100,000 users worldwide are using WellO2 to breathe better and feel better.




[1] Ilpo Kuronen, Jukka Heinijoki, Anssi Sovijärvi: Effects of low workload respiratory training with steam inhalation on lung function in stable asthma: A controlled clinical study. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 2023.

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